Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh No, Guadalajara Won't Do

So, here's Chapter 3, and it's another one that's really heavy on the text. To be honest my biggest problem with Part 4 is the next two or three volumes, since they have such little relevance to the story. Expect another chapter sometime tomorrow.

Vol. 31 Chap. 3:

Edit: It turns out an older group that had started working on this, finally released a new volume (31). They have now done 29 and 31, with another poster on the JoJo Forums having done 30. There was a multi month gap between their releases, though they are of a few notches higher in quality than my thrown together crap. So, I'm debating at this point, whether or not to just drop this. I may get in contact with him, and see what's going on, or just wait and keep going and see how their releases go.

As much as I love JoJo, two groups don't need to be doing it at the same time, especially with the difference in quality.

Double Edit: Here is the link to his topic and releases: Link

My Heart's The Bitter Buffalo

'Nother release. Probably only one release tomorrow.

Vol. 31 Chap. 2:

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Been Such A Long Time...

Well, first release in quite awhile, but here we go. Nothing really much to say, except to just forgive me extended absence with no real notice. I'm continuing the project, and probably expect a second chapter later tonight.

Vol. 31 Chap 1. :