Friday, August 27, 2010

The band is back together

Man, I can't believe this project is almost 2 years old already. We haven't been able to put out a lot of releases recently(more like ever, actually) but for a team of casual newbies like us I feel like we did okay. Anyway, I'll be honest and say that this release came out a lot earlier than expected, and it's almost all thanks to my good friend(and new recruit) Tape. She is credit to team.

Anyway without further ado, I bring you volume 33!


But yeah if all goes well we should be able to keep a steady releasing pace from now on. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Sorry for the hassle.

Edit: I replaced the two links with a single link for the entire volume.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A humble apology on behalf of the team

Yeah guys I'm... really, really sorry for not giving any sort of update(I'm kind of terrible at managing stuff, you see). But yeah our releases came to a standstill a while ago as one our editors just kind of dropped the ball without officially announcing it so we were left hanging for a long time and our other editor(Phangry) had an ungodly amount of computer/photoshop-related problems and couldn't do anything for a while, so I was sitting there with a half-volume done and tons of unused scripts on my computer for several months.

I know, believe me I KNOW we've used these kind of excuses tons of times before and the feeling of guilt gnaws at the back of my mind every day like a fucking Harvest bug. But recently things have looked up(We've gotten new recruits!) and hopefully we'll be able to release our next volume soon.

Yeah yeah, I know this sounds like the same stuff I keep saying, but I mean it this time. So please bear with me for just a little longer and we'll do our best to bring you quality JoJo stuff.