Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 31st

Hello to all 194 of our loyal readers!  It has come to our attention that our release of volume 39 had a few minor typos and grammatical errors, so we fixed it up with this v2 release.


Hopefully it will be in readable English this time!

As a reminder, we've been doing a few things with our releases lately.  One, we're using Japanese name order and modes of address (mostly).  While we've stopped short of leaving in the honorifics, we've kept people using family or given names as appropriate rather than switching them all to given, and when a name is listed in full it's in family-given order.  Two, since quotation marks are used as intensifiers in Japanese and Araki really loves his quotation marks, we're taking a page from American comics and using a lot of bold.  So when you see seemingly random words and phrases in bold, that's because they were in quotes in the original.  And three, we've decided to preserve the use of fonts in the original as much as possible, so Stands are being given their own fonts whenever they have unique fonts in the Japanese.  If it gets annoying, say something and we'll go back to only using one or two fonts rather than the six that ended up in this volume.

Next volume... I don't even know what's up with the next volume! I haven't even read it yet! I heard there was an alien or something? Whatever! We're taking a short break from our hectic schedule, so don't expect volume 40 before July at the earliest.  But we're definitely going to keep at it until all of part 4 is in good, readable condition! With only 7 volumes left, we'll probably even be done by 2014!  ...maybe!