Sunday, July 10, 2011


So yeah, I feel like a huge dick right now, you guys deserve better than that. If you want details on why everything just... stopped check the comments in the last post. I'm bad at repeating myself.

 So  I guess there isn't much else for me to say so for now you should stay tuned.

Not Dead, Just Resting


  1. For readers too lazy to check the last post:
    ...mix of depression and some very personal issues...
    ...caused me to flake out on life/everything in general for a good 7-8 months...

    Btw, I was in a similar situation once and it caused me to flake out on life for years >.<
    Seriously, you're doing much better than me. Don't let the Harvest Bug of guilt gnaw on you ;)

    I'm waiting for that surprise,
    Best of luck, PotatoKujo & team!

  2. OMG is this true???

    I hope everything is okay now PotatoKujo and i can't belive i still visit this site (i've been doing so for quite some time with the hope of hearing from you, eventhough this site hasn't been updated for 2 years?) and now this news... Hope everything turns out well for both you and the jojo project.

  3. Ow yeah and talking about depression - i'm kinda in such a state right now as well. I have this urge? to have this perfect body and recently i lost 7 kilograms and almost had this perfect body, but now i've gained some weight (again) and feel kinda let down... I'm going on a trip this weekend, there's gonna be a pool and i'll feel bad about myself, but i don't want to just sit at home... I mean you have to get out of that shitty comfort zone, there's really no other way... The best thing to do is go out i think... And have someone positive around you. A friend of mine once suggested to me - "If you feel bad about yourself just download The Pickup Arist and drink some beer", that might cheer you up.

    Btw can someone please megaupload me to volumes 29-33 and 36 please?

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys. They mean a lot. I'm mostly out of it and i swear it upon myself to not disappoint you guys ever again. Volume 34 is well on its way and hopefully it'll have been worth the wait.

    Also Anon3, just keep at it!(Although if you're just 7kg from your perfect body you're probably in great shape anyway)Make like a fish and hit the pool! Also do you have a bike? I've found that going for a ride and plugging yourself to your iPod works great!

    And here, I rehosted everything just for you, friend:

    Volume 29:
    Volume 30:
    Volume 31:
    Volume 32:
    Volume 33:
    Volume 36:

    You can thank my main man Orthio for sorting everything so neatly. Also I apologize for volume 36's size, we were huge newbies when we made it hahaheh...

  5. Anonymguy3 here speaking wow...
    I feel bad about myself cause i haven't eaten sugar for 3 months (in chocalte, ice-cream and such form, fruits don't count). I had a huge motivation before june, kinda lost it now, but working on regaining it.

    About the bike - i'm not the type who likes to cycle, but it's okay. I'd rather go out and run i think.

    Heh so you're basically like Araki-sensei (well he said that he likes to go on a trip alone or something).

    10X for the links.

  6. Good luck, Anonymguy3. Imho, fruits do count (ie: eat in moderation) :D

    I checked vol29 from and compared it to the one I downloaded much earlier from this blog.

    The earlier scan use PNG while the MU one use JPG. However the JPG one has actually larger filesize in general. They also have different translator.

    For example, the PNG fully translated the summary about JoJo part 3 while the JPG just basically said "If you don't know p3, what the hell are you doing reading this?"

    Btw, I'm keeping the early version (PNG) since it has the Invincible Trio credit page,something that the JPG version doesn't (OMG someone who actually pays attention to the credit page LOLWTFBBQ!!1!)

  7. PotatoKujo, could you please clarify ?

    I know there are several version of p4 rescan, but which one is considered the definitive Invincible Trio version ? And where could I get those? Phangry's mediafire? Orthio's? Those MU link?

    Also, did you guys redid vol30? or should I just use Faleira's one?

    Btw, if it's not too much hassle, it would be really great if you guys offer the PNG version :D

    Thanks and good luck!

  8. Sorry that was me confusing everything, I redid a few things so the ones on my mediafire should be slightly better. Download my scans already Potatokujo!!


  9. Also pk, if you need volumes cleaning before 36 (or before whichever one the crappy one is, 29's still not great quality really) I can prolly scrape some time on weekends for it. Just please actually pull in the translations and that, could still do with full translations for all the covers, think there are a few earlier ones missing still.

    Download from my mediafire for now too
    Just because PK never seems to get around to reading my mails :<
    It'll hopefully get collected into one source at some point.


  10. Uh, I did download 'em dude. I just re-hosted 'em since the guy wanted em on MU(I wanted some kind of backup source anyway just to be sure). I was sure I'd double-checked all of them but it seems I didn't notice with volume 29. We did that one a while ago, forgive me.

    And the email I've been using's been a bit cluttered recently, so I probably missed your email. I should really turn off facebook, annotations, those are starting to be a pain.

    And seeing as you've already cleaned all of volume 35, I think we'll be okay from now on. Unless you mean taking part in the typesetting and all that then we should be getting the translated chapters from Boko really soon now, so I'll give you a holler when we get them. (Also mind telling me which covers are missing? Thanks)

  11. I have half of 35 done (all of mangaka arc and half of rat arc), if you're missing any chapters or covers or whatever drop me a line on ICQ and I'll do it on the spot for you. Otherwise I'll give you 35 when I'm done with it, should be another 4~5 days.

  12. Alright that's fine, ye seems to only be 29's cover translation that's missing then, could do with getting hold of some decent raws for it really.

  13. Uum so whats wrong with v29 again?

  14. It looks a tiny bit rough and there's no araki comment on it. It's really not that bad though, from the look of the raws there might not be a comment anyway.

  15. Thanks a lot for the info,team! Your da (wo)man!

    I'll go and redownload them from then (just to be sure).

    Good luck!


    Umm, can i breath now :P?