Sunday, January 1, 2012

A book about the dangers of writing on people

Thanks for waiting so patiently everyone!'s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Vol.35.rar

I'd like to thank - because I have to really - Nurlock, Potato Kujo and Boco for putting in the time in chaotic moments in life. And for all the little words of encouragement (although don't worry about it too much.)

We could also possibly do with an extra typesetter for the future too, if you think you could commit for a good few years and have some knowledge of photoshop send me a quick email here.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Quoting the lovely boco:
    "This time we tried something a little different with the quotes. Quotation marks in Japanese are used for emphasis, and that doesn't really work in English, as anyone who's played Final Fantasy Tactics can attest. So when lines use quotes for emphasis rather than for quoting, we put the text in bold and made it a little bigger (like you see in American superhero comics). When you read it, tell us what you think!"

  2. Thanks Orthio! I update the vol32 in MT for all of us! Happy New Year, yeah!

  3. Wow what a present... THANK YOU!

  4. You guys are awesome, thanks!

  5. Thanks!

    Is it possible to re-upload V36? The MF link in your older post seems to be deleted.

  6. Try this one