Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where making this hapen

Just finished volume 39. We were expecting to get this out a week or two ago but something came up and two of our layout guys couldn't assist :x I filled in as well as I could, but if you notice a drop in quality, be sure to tell us so we can fix it for the next release. If nothing else we might take a short break from our super quick release schedule, maybe have the next one come out after finals in June/July.

Things are really heating up now! What's in store for our heroes now that Kira is on the offensive!? (I actually don't know! I haven't read any further than this before!!)

Download it: Jojo v.39
By Boco


  1. Orthio...... maybe you should not attribute other people's posts to yourself

  2. Wowzz thanks so much :)

  3. Thank you, starting download now! Hope it's not some twisted april fools joke...

  4. Well played, I thought the wording seemed familiar.

  5. Ha ha. Oh shit.