Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another release! (And a rerelease!)

So, I still can't sleep, and I'm proud to present chapters 3 and 2 v2, luckily I got 2 v2 out before even 2 was out on mangaupdates, so hopefully no one downloaded it. I just fixed two spelling errors, and a spacing error.

Expect maybe another chapter tomorrow, but I'm behind on animu from doing this, so I might take the day off.



Also, if you know any places where people might be interest in this, please try and help spread the word. I know my releases are mediocre compared to some, but I'm hoping I'll be done with the first volume by next Friday, so I'm looking forward to getting onto new ground with JoJo Part 4, because as awesome as JoJo is, it is severely lacking in good releases, and even fans.

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  1. Dude, you're doing great, trust me; your scanlations are pretty good. Only thing I'd recommend is releasing the pages in black and white... other than that keep them coming!