Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, here's Vol. 30 Chap. 3, and as one previous commenter already state, though you knew this anyway, these scans are far from the best out there...but some (a few) read them anyway! And I just want to thank everyone who reads, and enjoys, these, since they are a labour of love, really. Also, all typos will be fixed for the volume release, so please point them out to me if you could, since I'm a really bad spellchecker!!

Volume 30, Chapter 3:


  1. Yep... I've read your reply. OK... So let's see...
    174 chapters = 1.12 GIG. I WILL do mediafire, as constant/continues torrent seeding work can get quite messy on the VPN. Now, I've got 2 archive everything somehow in to multiple .rar segments or by volume/chapter all the way until the end.
    Could take some time... (I have an entire library of very rare/uncommon manga, from different time-lines including the entire Guyver manga, Strider manga, KoF 2000,2001, Zillion) all MQ/HQ properly organized etc. I guess it's the matter of time. OK... I'll see what I can do.

  2. Well, I was skeptical at first, but thanks for the effort in releasing this, I'm sure this will make quite a few people's day.

  3. No problem. I don't blame you. Afterall, skeptisism is what turned this species against one another and plunged it down a deep pit. But it was designed from the start to accomplish this very task. And it succeeded amongst alot of other sick things. That is WHY, this planet is the way it is right now.

    OK... Anyhow, give me some time as I don't even have a Mediafire account @ the moment or spare HD space for extra file creation. (My raid and 3HD's and 3 flash-drives are all full.My Server is down and Slave PC & notebooks HD's are full as well.) So I DO need some time.

  4. Typos Noticed:
    JK057 Says "you" instead of "your"