Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eleventh Release, Judges Still Unimpressed

So, here is Vol. 30, Chap. 2. This one took me awhile just because of how much dialogue there is. In unrelated news, I'm beginning to think I'm retarded because I can't seem to be able to get Manga Updates to post my DDL links, even though I keep including them with my releases, I must be missing something.

Vol 30 Chap 2:


  1. Just thought I'd mention something... This entire manga was already scanlated/completed a while ago using MQ/HQ chinese raws with good translation. IT IS relatively difficult 2 find @ the moment but it's there. Your translations are good and all but the quality of the existent ones are ALOT better, so is there really a point for you to continue doing something which was already done? (I'm not talking about the LQ versions of this manga, there ARE 2 versions) Mangaupdates DOES NOT list 'every' chapter/group/project in existence, so you might of been mislead thinking that there is nothing else except the LQ versions of these available. I have all the HQ scanlations of JoJo manga completed (the part which you're doing) so I DO know. You could instead start doing a different project which was stopped/dropped, as there ARE quite a bit of them. If you're in need of something, just ask. Think about it... Take care.

  2. Mangaupdates does not allow people to post download links for manga that has been licensed.
    On another note, I've never found these higher quality scans that the above post is talking about.

  3. Well, while I'm not the smartest guy in the world, I've looked, and I still can't find anything, and I've looked around on some of the larger JoJo communities, and I haven't heard any talk about this, so if you do have these, I'd appreciate it if you could throw them up on mediafire/megaupload/torrent, and share them with the community, but unless I can actually see them, I'll be continuing with what I'm doing.